5-Day MET

Scott Abel

The ultimate metabolic enhancement training program, complete with comprehensive information and clarification from world-renowned coach and trainer, Scott Abel.

The 5 day MET program is loaded with exercises and techniques for a total and extremely productive workout routine.

The complete 5-Day Program includes:

  • Day 1 covers strength with a focus on the chest, quads, abs and core.
  • Day 2 emphasizes the back and posterior chain.
  • Day 3 you’ll learn about rotations and the best way to work deltoids.
  • Day 4 focuses on legwork.
  • Day 5 completes the sequence, working the arms, abs and core.
  • Get the Complete 5-Day MET written program with exercises, guidelines, rules, advice for substitutions and customizations, and more.

Thank you so much for the transformation and more importantly, for teaching me a different protocol of training to educate my clients with. The Abel MET approach stylistically was the most challenging training system I have ever attempted to perform and also a brutal transition from my everyday pace of resistance training. The core circuit complimented the high intensity training perfectly and enabled me the luxury of using very minimal amounts of standard cardio while getting in the best condition of my life.

Thank you for everything, I look forward to our next journey, learning more and educating others of a more effective, efficient approach to health and fitness!

Spencer W

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5-Day MET

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