Flexible Fitness

Scott Abel


This is the perfect workout program when you don't have access to your regular gym and you just plain have to figure something else out and make it work with what you've got.

The full program includes THREE different workout programs, depending on your personal situation and what equipment you have on hand:

Dumbbells + Adjustable Bench

Resistance Bands + Bodyweight

Dual-Axis Cable Machine

You can even mix and match the programs (or the exercises within the programs), if, for example, you're able to do some exercises but not others.

The written program also includes brief instructions and tips for adapting Scott's Hardgainer Solution Workouts so that you can do them at home.

Only $47 CAD


Complete Written Program Instructions + Rules of Application

Brief Buying Guide and Tips for Equipment

Videos for the Workouts

BONUS: 2020 MET "Limited Equipment" Program (pdf)

BONUS: Hardgainer Solution Written Program (pdf)

BONUS: Abel Metabolic Finishers (pdf)

BONUS: HGS 3.0 (exclusive pdf!) ⭐VALUE: $37 ⭐

BONUS: Whole Body Hypertrophy ⭐VALUE: $97 ⭐


I can't say enough good things about the new course! In fact all the courses are amazing. I love them! They are fun and provide hours of education. I could never workout any other way for the rest of my life! This Flexible Fitness is super motivating and I couldn't be happier. I love studying the workouts and learning and then doing them its great!! Thank you Scott Abel!!

Nancy Watson

The instructional videos are outstanding and the workouts leave me satisfied and content that I've had a great workout! As much as I enjoy HGS, I prefer Flexible Fitness much more as I train exclusively at home. Flexible Fitness allows me to do the exercises exactly as outlined in the program.

Mike MacNeil
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Flexible Fitness

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